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Sometimes, the best discoveries are those you stumble upon accidentally. That’s exactly how I found Calypso Coffee Bar, a snug little haven in Apopka, Florida. My journey began with Kafetos Coffee Farm, an online green coffee seller I’d been following on Instagram. The more I learned about them, the more intrigued I became; it turns out they had just opened a coffee bar in town! This was an invitation I couldn’t resist.

Captivating Décor Meets Authentic Roots

Stepping into Calypso Coffee Bar, I was immediately embraced by a cozy atmosphere. The interior is adorned with eye-catching details, like a flower wall featuring a neon logo that simply demands to be Instagrammed. You’ll also find displays of green coffee beans for sale—perfect for those who are keen on roasting their own coffee.

What really captured my heart, though, was a looping video showcasing the coffee farm in Guatemala that the owners’ family has run for over a century. Yes, you read that right—over 100 years of authentic coffee-making tradition.

Calypso Coffee Bar Sign
Calypso Coffee Bar Fresh Beans

A Culinary Symphony in a Cup ~ Calypso Coffee Bar

The drinks? A masterpiece! I indulged in an “Apollo’s Sun,” an enchanting blend of orange and honey, garnished with a dried orange slice—a harmonious tribute to the Floridian summer. My wife went for the “Apple of Discord,” which she described as a caramel apple pie in a cup. Trust me, it lived up to the hype.

Calypso Coffee Bar
Calypso Coffee Bar Apple Pie Latte

More Than Just Coffee – It’s Family

But what really set Calypso Coffee Bar apart was the heartfelt connection we felt with the owners. Elder Lopez, the patriarch of this family-run business, hails from Guatemala. He spent his childhood working on his family’s coffee farm before moving to the States for college. His daughter, once a barista at what she humorously termed “the green mermaid place,” now crafts all the specialty drinks on the menu. And every bean that finds its way into your cup is sourced from the family’s farm and roasted by Otus Coffee Company.

A Space for Leisure and Work

While we chose to simply soak in the ambience, it’s worth noting that the venue is laptop-friendly. You can get some work done or perhaps pen the next Great American Novel while savoring an Apollo’s Sun or Apple of Discord.

Calypso Coffee Bar
Calypso Coffee Bar Goodies

Why I’ll Be Back

The cherry on top? As we were preparing to leave, we discovered that Calypso Coffee Bar offers coffee flights—a delightful way to sample their specialty drinks. That alone is reason enough to return, not to mention the cordiality of Elder and his family, and of course, the unforgettable coffee.

Calypso Coffee Bar Table Setting

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Calypso Coffee Bar is not just a café; it’s a whole experience—one that you’ll want to relive over and over again.

Tim Justynski

From Mediterranean espresso revelations to Central Florida café crawls, I'm your go-to guide for the area's best brews and baristas. With a keen eye for customer service and presentation, plus a few coffee courses to boot, I'm here to help you discover your next favorite coffee spot and up your Java game.

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