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Picture this: You’re driving through Downtown Apopka, and you stumble upon what looks like an old home. But this isn’t just any home – it’s Canon Coffee –  Apopka’s first coffee shop, a cozy haven for coffee lovers, foodies, and anyone in between. From its unique coffee names to its all-day breakfast, this place is a treasure trove of delightful surprises.

Cannon Coffee Shop

As you pull up, you can’t help but feel intrigued. The exterior gives off a homey vibe, inviting you in like an old friend. Once inside, you’re greeted by a relaxing ambiance, complete with vintage furniture, barstools, and small desks perfect for studying or surfing the web. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a living room that serves coffee.

Cannon Coffee Shop

The Coffee Menu: A Literary Affair

The coffee menu is a book you’ll want to read cover to cover. With names like “The Librarian,” “The Author,” and “The Performer,” each drink promises a unique experience. Seasonal specials like pumpkin-flavored drinks add a festive touch. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even opt for a Coffee Flight to sample all the fall specials—caffeine overload guaranteed!

I tried “The Composer,” a hot honey & cinnamon latte, and “The Apopkan,” an iced orange & mocha latte. The Apopkan was a revelation—the orange notes perfectly complemented the mocha, creating a symphony of flavors in every sip.

Cannon Coffee Shop Puzzle

The food menu is as diverse as the coffee offerings. From the classic “Canon BLT” to the spicy “Jalapeño Popper,” there’s something for everyone. The Jalapeño Popper, with its jalapeño cream cheese spread, bacon, and ham, packs just enough kick to keep me coming back for more.

Whether you’re here for a casual chat, a business meeting, or some quiet study time, Canon Coffee Shop caters to all. The diverse crowd adds to the shop’s vibrant atmosphere, making it a go-to spot for people from all walks of life.

Unique Features at Canon Coffee Shop

What sets Canon Coffee shop apart are its individual sitting rooms, each a different room from the old house it once was. The outdoor seating area, adorned with patio lights and shaded by large trees, offers a serene setting for evening coffee dates.

Community Vibes

Local art adorns the walls, giving artists a platform to showcase their work. It’s a small but meaningful way Canon Coffee shop supports the community.

The highlight of my visit? Working on a jigsaw puzzle left out for patrons, all while sipping on some of the best coffee in town. It’s these little touches that make Canon Coffee not just a coffee shop, but a home away from home.

Canon Coffee shop is more than just a place to grab a cup of joe. It’s a community, a sanctuary, and a haven for creativity. So the next time you’re in Apopka, make sure to stop by—you won’t regret it.

Canon Coffee Shop Location: 74 West 2nd Street, Apopka Florida, 32703

I am always looking for Specialty Coffee near me in Central Florida.  Have a suggestion?  Leave it in the comment section below, and it might be next!

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